Thursday, December 31, 2015

Twang Town Lowdown: Thursday, December 31st


Andrew Hardwick -- who was the high school crush “Drew” Taylor Swift sang about in “Teardrops on My Guitar” -- was arrested Saturday in Hendersonville, Tennessee and charged with child abuse.

According to various reports, the 27-year-old, his 34-year-old half-brother Christopher Hardwick and 44-year-old Joni Hardwick were arrested after a three-year-old relative in their care had to be airlifted to a Nashville children’s hospital with severe bruising and swelling to her face. Doctors told police the child had a concussion.
A five-year-old girl who was with the three-year-old told a witness that Hardwick struck her in the face, too.

Christopher acknowledged that they'd been drinking.
After being charged with aggravated child abuse and child abuse, Hardwick was released from the Sumner County Jail on Monday on $100,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 10th.

Joni Hardwick was charged with assault on an officer and resisting arrest. She was released Sunday on $1,000 bond and is due back in court on February 8th. Christopher was cited for assault and disorderly conduct.


Sleep ain’t happenin’ right now for new parents David Nail and his wife Catherine in the weeks since she gave birth to their twins, Lawson and Lillian. But mom and dad don’t mind.
David tweeted, “Having to waking up so much to feed ain't fun, but it takes a second to realize how lucky I am to have these two gifts from God!”
The couple was open about their past struggles with infertility. When they announced the birth, Catherine said, “We just really had to stick together and fight through it.”
Lawson and Lillian made their world debut on December 12th.


Joey and Rory had a very Gruffalo Christmas this year.
The Gruffalo is their daughter Indiana’s favorite children’s book. It's about a mouse who ventures deep into the forest in search of a nut. Along the way, he encounters some scary predators and makes up a creature called a “Gruffalo” to keep going. At the end of the story, the very thing the mouse imagined turned out to be real.

Rory Feek writes, “Our Gruffalo was real, too. Christmas had come and Joey was not only here with us, but she was doing well, and we all had an amazing day together.”

Today's IDIOT: Thursday, Dec. 31st


A 911 dispatcher in Florida is facing some serious fallout because of his fondness for video games. He put emergency calls on hold rather than stop playing.

Charles Morris was demoted and stripped of his title after an investigation uncovered a number of incidents where calls went unanswered because he was playing Call of Duty or some other game. The 52-year-old supervisor left a hit-and-run caller on hold for 40 minutes on one occasion, and delayed reporting a shooting for nine minutes on another.

Morris had previously ruffled the feathers of his superiors by misusing sick days. Sounds like he has to worry about dodging more than just Angry Birds. 

Springfield County Courthouse. Image credit: Deaderot/Creative Commons
A Massachusetts man was excused from appearing in court to answer charges of indecent exposure -- because a judge accepted his lawyer's explanation that he had no pants to wear to the hearing.

Dermont E. Weaver was collared last weekend after a woman called cops to complain that he repeatedly exposed himself to her, her husband and her two daughters on a sidewalk outside a neighborhood eatery. 

According to the arrest report, Weaver was "jumping around" and waving his junk in front of all four victims until officers arrived on the scene.

At the time of his arrest, Weaver was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, running shoes and no pants -- and he couldn't manage to rustle up a pair in time for his appointment before the judge. He remains jailed on $25,000 bond

The HOTLIST - Thursday, December 31st


Caitlyn Jenner has settled with one of the drivers in that fatal crash from earlier this year.
TMZ says the reality star's insurance company paid a settlement to Jessica Steindorff, whose Prius was struck by Jenner in February, and that "Caitlyn didn't have to reach into her own pocket."
Jenner still faces two other lawsuits from the crash, one filed by the adult stepchildren of the deceased Lexus driver.


Long before he became a cult icon for his role in the Hangover films, Mike Tyson was the heavyweight champion of the world in professional boxing. He was known for his knock out power, his loss to Buster Douglas in 1990, biting Evander Holyfield's ear off in 1997 and today we have something else to remember Iron Mike for... His EPIC FALL off of a hoverboard.. It sounds extremely painful yet I can't quit laughing each time I watch it.


In an interview with Charlie Rose George Lucas gives details on why he had to cut ties with "Star Wars"  so that he and the film could both move on...he goes on to say "They wanted to do a retro movie, I don't like that. Every movie, I worked very hard to make them different."

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Today's IDIOT: Wednesday, December 30th


An Indiana woman is in a bucket-load of trouble after carrying out a disgusting attack on her neighbor's house.
69-year-old Jackie VanTyle explained to cops that she didn't like her next door neighbor, Joseph Basler, so she doused his home with a bucket of urine.
Basler contacted the police two months ago because he suspected that VanTyle was pouring urine on his home. He set up a security camera and caught her in the act.
When officers paid VanTyle a visit, she admitted to collecting urine in a bucket over several months and dumping it on Basler's house because "he's a bad neighbor." She also admitted to doing it multiple times over the summer.
She was charged with criminal mischief and is due in court next month. 


Florida cops smelled more than just booze when they ended a long high-speed chase by pulling over the drunk driver -- who'd pooped all over herself during the wild ride.
Stacy Scuderi was spotted driving erratically when pulling out of a Walmart parking lot, but when cops began a pursuit, she floored it and ended up reaching 110 miles per hour before making it inside her gated community, where she ran over a curb, crushed a sprinkler and took out several of her neighbors' mailboxes. The woman refused a Breathalyzer test but, according to the arrest report, she smelled strongly of alcohol -- as well as feces, which was splatted over the car's seat.
A neighbor, who noted that Scuderi had been busted before, said, "We wanted to see something happen, definitely. Because she's just a sociopath." 


The Texas teen who was said to suffer from “affluenza” because he was family was so wealthy he didn’t know the difference between right and wrong has been taken into custody in Mexico, according to reports.

Ethan Couch, the 18-year-old who became a fugitive after skipping town while on probation for killing four in a drunk-driving accident, was serving sentence of 10-years of probation for the 2013 accident. After he and his 48-year-old mother Tonya Couch went missing, the teen earned a spot on the most-wanted list.

An official in Tarrant County confirmed that the teen has been taken into custody after he and his mother were found near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The HOTLIST: Wednesday, December 30th

A Pennsylvania district attorney has filed sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby, who has officially been charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in that state a decade ago. The 78-year-old will be arraigned today in Montgomery County.

Former Temple University Andrea Cortland says Cosby gave her Quaaludes and wine before the attack at his mansion in January of 2004. Constand was initially deposed in 2005, but the charges didn't become public until last year, which caused the Montgomery County D.A. to reopen the case. The statute of limitations runs out in January.
Constand's lawyer tells People magazine "Obviously, we appreciate the expression of confidence. We'll have to see what happens. We hope justice will be done. We will cooperate fully."

More than 50 women have come forward so far to claim that Cosby sexually assaulted them in some way.


Jennifer Lawrence says she "really hates" New Year's Eve. On The Graham Norton Show, she admitted, "I've never had a good one -- everyone's chasing a good time and it's always a disappointment. I plan on doing nothing and then if something lands in my lap...but I always end up drunk and disappointed. Drunk and Disappointed should be the title of my memoir!"


Jeremy Renner's divorce from Sonni Pacheco is final. According to TMZ, he'll will pay his ex $13,000 a month in child support for their two-year-old daughter Ava. Sonni, however, will get nothing in spousal support. They were married for only 10 months.


Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV shows for the fourth year in a row.
According to Torrentfreak, the season five finale was illegally downloaded 14.4 million times.

That's more than twice the number of people who regularly watch the show legally on HBO. The first four episodes of the season were leaked before they aired in April.

The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory were far behind on the list, with 6.6 million and 4.4 million downloads respectively.