Wednesday, July 27, 2016


WEIRD NEWS: Never Bring a Sword to a Pizza Roll Fight

An Ohio man is under arrest after he pulled a sword on his former roommate over a box of frozen pizza rolls.

21-year-old Travis Vartorella is accused of pulling a sword on Trystan Mesenburg, a former roommate who had returned to the apartment to collect some personal belongings. Cops say Mesenberg and his girlfriend walked into the dark apartment and started gathering up some stuff when Vartorella emerged from a bedroom with a three-foot sword and said to leave the box of pizza rolls because they were his. Mesenberg insisted he was the owner of the frozen snacks, but wasn't going to lose his life over them. He and his girlfriend left the apartment and called police.

Cops arrived and arrested Vartorella for aggravated menacing. While officers were there, they seized four other weapons, including a machete and a six-foot samurai sword. Vartorella is a registered sex offender who is on probation. This recent arrest may land him in jail for a while.

WEIRD NEWS: Home Invasion Is a Croc

An Australian family is trying to figure out how someone was able to break into their house overnight while they slept and leave a live crocodile in the bathroom.

16-year-old Coralie Myers was the first to wake up, and walked into the bathroom to discover the giant saltwater reptile on the floor with its mouth taped shut. At first, she thought a family member was playing a prank on her. But after a while, everyone in the house realized that someone had to have broken into the house and brought the crocodile inside. Like a true Australian, Coralie says, "The croc didn't creep me out, the fact someone came in to our house freaked me out."

A wildlife ranger came to pick up the crocodile and brought it to a nearby farm.

WEIRD NEWS: Doggone Dummy

Ignoring a dog owner's warning about petting their pooch, no matter how much of a dog-lover you are and how good you think you are with dogs, is never a good idea.

A 51-year-old Canadian man approached another man who was walking his St. Bernard and asked to pet the large dog. Its owner said no. The man went on to ask several more times and each time got the same response. Finally, he didn't ask and leaned down to pet the dog's head. Predictably, the dog didn't like it very much and reacted by biting the man's face. His injuries were severe and he was rushed to the hospital.


KESHIA KNIGHT PULLIAM: Husband Files for Divorce

Looks like Keshia Knight Pulliam is going to be a single mom.

Her husband, Ed Hartwell, has filed for divorce -- one week after she announced her pregnancy. Ed has doubts the kid is his and is demanding a paternity test. A source tells People the former NFL star "doesn't have any evidence of her cheating" but wants a paternity test because he's concerned about the timing of the pregnancy. The insider adds, "It's just that he had told her he wanted to wait before having a baby and things got really bad between them and then she pops up pregnant."

Keshia, who played Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show, announced that she's having a girl in an Instagram post earlier this month. It's the 37-year-old's first child.

Ed and Keshia wed in January, only four months after they started dating.

LINDSAY LOHAN: Ripped Off Filmmaker

Lindsay Lohan not only has a fiance problem, she also has a finance problem.

A filmmaker claims he paid Lindsay $10,000 to promote his movie on her Instagram page and she didn't do squat. Matt Martin made a movie called Little Mermaid (not the Disney film) and made a deal with one of Lindsay's associates to pay her $10,000 for her to promote the film three times to her five-million Instagram followers. She would also get an executive producer credit on the film. But a few months went by and she never made a single mention of it. Martin says he's reached out to Lindsay and her associate but hasn't heard back. He is now threatening to sue to recover his money.

JOHN HINCKLEY JR: Reagan Shooter to Be Released

In what is surely a first in U.S. history, a would-be Presidential assassin is being released. John Hinckley Junior, who shot President Ronald Reagan in 1981, will be released into his mother's care next month.

Hinckley has spent the last 35 years in psychiatric care after being found not guilty by reason of insanity. But a new court order says that he no longer poses a threat to himself or anyone else. He'll be required to live at his mother's Williamsburg, Virginia home, and his release comes with a few other conditions:
He'll have to undergo outpatient treatment at a Washington, D.C. hospital at least once a month.
He'll have to find a job or take a volunteer position approved by his doctors.
He has to let his doctors know before going to any other private residence.

If he successfully completes what doctors are calling "convalescent leave," he could be entirely free from court control within a year.

The New SUPERFOOD.....


Are you ready for the new superfood? Are you sure?

Apparently milk from a type of lactating cockroach might be the next big superfood. Yes, you heard right ... lactating cockroaches.

Seems the Pacific beetle cockroach is unique because it gives birth to live baby cockroaches instead of laying eggs. This mama cockroach then feeds its babies a milk that crystalizes in the baby bugs' stomachs. Scientists from India, France, Japan, Canada and the National Institutes of Health in America analyzed these crystals and found that just one single cockroach milk crystal contains more than three times the energy of the same amount of buffalo milk.

The cockroach milk is supposedly super nutritious and contains all of the essential amino acids, plus carbs and lipids.

Bet you can’t wait to get some.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We need to talk


Just like with romantic relationships, sometimes you need to move on from friendships when they become toxic. If you have friends like these, it’s time to break up:
The mean girl: Every time you go out to eat she’s rude to the wait staff, and whenever you’re alone she spends the majority of the time bad mouthing mutual friends. This is the friend that will stab you in the back without blinking an eye. You don’t need a mean girl in your life!

  • The friend who only pays attention to you if they need something: This is the friend you see at every get together but she never contacts you directly unless she needs a favor. You don’t have to end the friendship – you just have to stop catering to her needs and wants.

  • The friend who has a way of making you feel less than: True friends should make you feel good about yourself and be your best cheerleader. A friend that doesn’t do that isn’t worth your time!

  • The friend who doesn’t ask about you: Friendships must have give and take. If your friend only takes, you are the one being a friend, not her.

  • The friend who uses you as the butt of her jokes: Teasing is a natural part of close relationships, but if you are getting teased to the point it isn’t fun, and you’ve told your friend but they haven’t changed their behavior – ain’t nobody got time for that!

It was bound to happen


A New York man is unofficially the first Pokemon Go player to catch 'em all.

Nick Johnson has become the first to catch all 142 Pokemon characters in the North American version of the game.

Johnson, who is currently employed and works 50 hours a week, says he spent his nights over the past two weeks playing the augmented reality game on his phone. 

He says his childhood love of Pokemon and his interest in how the game works is what drew him to it. But he also admits that it was a good excuse to go outside for long walks every night and claims to have walked 129 miles and lost eight pounds.

They've REALLY thought of everything!


A new gadget – called the Alcohoot – actually turns your smartphone into a breathalyzer.

It tracks your blood alcohol content accurately just a few minutes after you’ve had a drink.

It also measures how your BAC has changed throughout the night.

And, it helps you call an Uber if you’re over the legal limit.

With this thing in your back pocket, there’s no reason to even risk getting into big-time trouble.


GARTH BROOKS: Country's Cash King

Garth Brooks ranks at the top of Forbes's list of the World's Highest Paid Country Music Acts for 2016. From June 2015 through June 2016, he brought in $70 million -- mostly in tour revenue.

During that same period, Kenny Chesney made $56 million with combined revenues from touring, endorsements and sales of his Blue Chair Bay rum, putting him in second place. Luke Bryan comes in third with a $53 million haul mostly from touring and endorsements. Toby Keith, who has often topped the list, is in fourth place, owing his paycheck to his I Love This Bar and Grill and other non-musical businesses, including his own line of mezcal. Rounding out the Top 5 is Jason Aldean, who grossed $36.5 million in record sales, touring and a stake in the Tidal streaming service.

All figures are before taxes and fees to agents, managers and lawyers.

STEVEN TYLER: Country Album Tops the Chart

Steven Tyler's first country solo album, We're All Somebody From Somewhere, takes the top spot on Billboard's Country Albums chart.

Chris Stapleton's Traveller drops to the second slot, followed by David Nail's newly released Fighter in third place. Blake Shelton's If I'm Honest drops from second place last week to fourth this week, and Keith Urban's Ripcord holds steady at number-five.

Steven is on his Out on a Limb solo tour.

DARIUS RUCKER/FGL: Remarks Misconstrued as Anti-Police

Darius Rucker came under fire for comments he made during a concert recently -- but he says it's just a big misunderstanding.

He reportedly said "stop shooting unarmed people" while his arms were outstretched over his head. Charleston, South Carolina police officer Michael Ackerman took offense and posted a letter to Darius on Facebook saying as much.

Darius issued a Facebook statement of his own saying that his were remarks were misconstrued and that he never mentioned race. He writes in part, "My heart is heavy tonight as I realize that my message was misconstrued. So much of that love goes to all the folks that allow me the freedom to perform night after night, and I have the utmost respect for our law enforcement officers and service men and women who commit their lives to keeping us safe every single day. I’ve read your comments and heard your voices -- let’s join together to spread a message of love instead of fear." (WCBD-TV)

This weekend, Florida Georgia Line were also accused of being anti-police when rumors floated that they didn't want cops backstage with them. It has been clarified that the guys' contract states that they hire their own backstage security, so police officers can tend to other security needs around the venue. Brian and Tyler tweeted that they have nothing but respect for law enforcement.


Neil Young and Willie Nelson are teaming up for a festival right after this year's Farm Aid concert.

The Outlaw Music Festival will be held at Montage Mountain in Scranton, Pennsylvania on September 18th, which is the day after Farm Aid will be held in Bristow, Virginia. Also on the bill are Sheryl Crow, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, Lee Ann Womack, and Brothers Osborne. More acts will be added soon. Tickets go on sale Friday.

TAYLOR SWIFT: Stage-Crasher Sent to Mental Facility

A crazed Taylor Swift fan who crashed the stage at her show in San Diego last year is going away for a while.

Taylor was performing "Style" when 26-year-old Christian Ewing somehow jumped on stage and tried to get to her. He was immediately grabbed by security who fought to get him off the stage. It took four security guards to subdue him. One of the guards suffered broken ribs. A judge has ruled that Ewing is incompetent to stand trial and has ordered to to spend three years in a mental health facility in San Diego. Once he gets out he'll face assault and battery charges.


WEIRD NEWS: Selfie-ish Workers Charged

A couple of EMS workers in Florida are out of a job and facing felony charges after they engaged in an inappropriate selfie competition.

According to an investigation, 33-year-old Christopher Wimmer and 24-year-old Kayla Dubois took selfies inside of ambulances with patients to see who could take the best photos. Many of the patients photographed were unconscious, drunk or heavily sedated. They then shared their photos with each other and even showed them off to other medics -- who ultimately turned them in to police.

In one case, Wimmer is photographed while holding open the eyelids of a sedated patient. In another, he's sitting next to an elderly woman with her breast exposed. Both Wimmer and Dubois are facing various felony charges.

WEIRD NEWS: Son Is a Real Chik-Fil-a-Hole

If this Florida mother has been waiting for a sign to know when to kick her 30-year-old mooch of a son to the curb, this is probably it.

The 55-year-old woman brought home Chik-Fil-A for her son, Derek Foreman, and was attacked because that wasn't what he wanted to eat. Police say they got into an argument, and Foreman head-butted his mother in the face, leaving her with a split lower lip. He suffered a small cut to his nose.

Foreman was arrested for domestic battery and jailed. He was later released on the condition that he have no contact with his mother and must wear a device that monitors his alcohol intake.

WEIRD NEWS: Man With Greatest Alias Arrested

A Florida man was arrested for assaulting a police officer, but it's the hilarious alias he gave officers that's getting him a lot of attention.

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at the home of 37-year-old Jeffrey Forrest Poole. When the officer got to the door, Poole walked out and threatened, "I will beat every cop's ass" and attempted to punch the officer in the face. Poole was arrested and charged with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.

According to the official police report, when the officer asked Poole to identify himself, he identified himself as "Dickface Johnson."


MISS CLEO: Dead at 53 

We don't know if she predicted this, but infamous fortune teller Miss Cleo has died.

Youree Dell Harris was actually born in L.A., but rose to fame in the '90s as the island-accented star of TV ads promoting her telephone tarot card-reading service. She was best known for her catch phrase "Call me now!"

Harris was diagnosed with colon cancer that spread to her liver and lungs. She was hospitalized this month in Florida but last week moved to hospice care. Miss Cleo was 53.

SHARON OSBOURNE: Confirms She's Back With Ozzy

Hours after Good Morning America ran an interview with Ozzy Osbourne saying he is "back on the horse" -- meaning that he is together again with his wife Sharon after a brief separation -- she confirmed it on her CBS afternoon show, The Talk.

Ozzy, who was reportedly seeing an L.A. hairstylist, looked upon the situation as just another lesson along the way.

Ozzy and Sharon celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary on July 4th. It's his second marriage and her first.

Ozzy's new travel TV series with his son Jack premiered Sunday night on the History channel.

LINDSAY LOHAN: Father Threatens Her Fiance

Lindsay Lohan's father wants a piece of her fiance after hearing about a huge argument the couple had over the weekend in London.

Neighbors called police late Saturday night after hearing Lindsay yelling at her fiance Egor Tarabasov. Officers responded and kicked down the front door to get inside. Sources say Lindsay accused Egor of cheating on her and also strangling her. After hearing this, Michael Lohan fired off a series of typo-laden text messages to Egor, which TMZ has somehow obtained.

The first text reads, "You threaten my daughter, touch her or if anything happens to her and you will have no where to hide mother ducked like weasel." He then texted, "[Come] Here And Face ME like a man and bring your daddy and mommy," and "Return her jewelry you broke phoney or I'll take it out of your ass. I WILL find you." Lindsay has reportedly left London and is now back in the U.S.


Rihanna is stepping in the shower. The singer has been cast as Marion Crane for the upcoming season of A&E's Bates Motel.


Rick Springfield will play Lucifer on the 12th season of Supernatural.

Monday, July 25, 2016

The HOTLIST - Monday, July 25th

LINDSAY LOHAN: Accuses Fiance of Cheating


Lindsay Lohan went on a bizarre social media rant accusing her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, of being unfaithful and hinting that she's pregnant.

It began with a Snapchat video on Friday, where she said, "My fiancé's being really angry at me, but I'm drinking water to get him to come home. Honey, come home, please."

Then on Saturday she accused him of hooking up with a "Russian hooker" -- who is actually fashion designer Dasha Pashevkina -- at a party.

An hour later Lindsay tweeted a photo of herself from her 2009 movie Labor Pains, about a young woman who pretends to be pregnant. "Lindsay Lohan labour pains trainer – I am pregnant!!" she wrote.

Earlier this year the actress got engaged to the Russian millionaire after eight months of dating.


Bachelor star Ben Higgins has called off his bid for a seat in congress because of an "unforseen circumstances." In a statement, the Republican from Colorado said, "Despite my best efforts to pursue this opportunity in good faith, I recently received information that has made such a pursuit unworkable." 

Katt Williams was arrested on Sunday morning after reports that he beat up a female restaurant employee. He’s was held on $20,000 bail for misdemeanor battery.

Oscar-winner Brie Larson was officially introduced as the star of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie at Comic-Con this weekend. The flick hits theaters March 8th, 2019.


Rihanna is stepping in the shower. The singer has been cast as Marion Crane for the upcoming season of A&E's Bates Motel.

Rick Springfield will play Lucifer on the 12th season of Supernatural.

The Vampire Diaries will come to an end on The CW after its eight season, which begins October 21st.

High School Musical star Corbin Bleu married Sasha Clements, the star of the Disney Channel movie How to Build a Better Boy, Saturday night.