Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The DIRT 9/26


Scotty McCreery is officially off the market. 

He proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Gabi Dugal today near Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. The two were taking a walk on a trail when Scotty got down on one knee and popped the question.

He says, “I’ve been planning this moment for so long that it feels surreal for it to have finally happened. Gabi is the perfect girl and my true love, and I cannot wait to begin building our life together as husband and wife.”

The happy couple plan to get hitched next year.


The holiday season at Thomas Rhett's house will be a whole lot different than in years past.


He tells People, “Last Christmas it was literally me and my wife and two dogs, and this Christmas is going to be my wife, two dogs, and two kids."

Being a new dad hasn't slowed Thomas down too much -- he has a full tour schedule until the middle of November. But his wife Lauren has popped in at a few shows with Willa and Ada, including his date last weekend at Los Angeles's famed Greek Theater.


Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry has broken his silence regarding the death of his friend and singing partner, Troy Gentry.

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In an open letter to radio stations, Eddie expressed his appreciation for all the support he's gotten since the helicopter accident that took Troy's life. It reads: 

"I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers. Our world was turned upside down in an instant and nothing could have prepared us for this. Over the past few months, T-Roy and I have been working on what I think is the best record of our career. In the last few weeks, we had been talking about what our first single would be. Then on September 8th, none of that mattered. 'Better Me' is a song we all loved and Troy sings his ass off on it. It speaks volumes about his life and who he had become and everyone he touched and how much he loved his family. I am so proud of this song and also to call him my friend, my family, my brother for 30 years."

"Better Me" closed out Troy's memorial service at the Grand Ole Opry.

D.A. Of The Day - 9/26


A Connecticut man went out last Saturday night and already had a pretty good idea how his night would end up based on the T-shirt he was wearing. 

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38-year-old Nathan Corey was behind the wheel when a police officer saw him drive up on the sidewalk and violate some other traffic laws. He was pulled over, and the cop noticed he was wearing a shirt that contained the equation: "Beer + Beer = Shenanigans." It came as no surprise to the officer that Corey had been drinking, and after he failed a field sobriety test, he was arrested for drunk driving.

But that wasn't all. A search of his vehicle turned up marijuana, drug paraphernalia and a machete, which resulted in more charges. He was freed on $10,000 bail and will have to appear in court next week.


A Sri Lankan man was arrested at the airport for trying to board a plane with a butt-load of gold -- literally.

The 45-year-old was trying to board a flight to India when customs officials noticed he was walking a little funny. A metal detector at security beeped like crazy and confirmed that he was hiding something. A deeper search dug out more than 900 grams of gold shoved inside his rectum. Security guards found yellow gold biscuits and other gold jewelry valued at approximately $29,000, all carefully packaged and inserted into his rear end.

He's facing smuggling charges.

HOTLIST - 9/26


"Fixer Upper" is coming to an end. Chip and Joanna Gaines have announced that the upcoming fifth season of their HGTV show will be the final for the couple. 

fixer upper hgtv

They went on to say that the family is healthy, the marriage is stronger than ever and they will continue to renovate homes, but they feel that they need to focus more of their attention on their family and other business ventures. The final season will air in November and will be followed by their spin-off called "Behind The Design".


A creepy stalker of Taylor Swift is not going to prison -- yet.

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Yesterday, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge committed Mohammed Jaffar to a psychiatric facility. He’ll be treated there until he’s well enough to stand trial on burglary and stalking charges. (New York Daily News)

Doctors determined he’s mentally unfit for trial. In the summer, Jaffar made the shocking claim that he “worked for Katy Parry. I helped her get started.”

In the spring, New York City police arrested Jaffar outside Taylor’s Tribeca apartment. He’d repeatedly visited her place, incessantly ringing the doorbell for an hour straight. Surveillance cameras caught him creeping on her roof. Somehow, he worked his way inside her secure building. On Valentine’s Day, he rode the elevator to her penthouse floor!


Tom Wopat is dealing with new assault charges.

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The Dukes of Hazzard star was arrested last month for allegedly putting his finger in a woman's butt crack. Now, police have hit the actor with a new charge of felony indecent assault, this time for poking a 16-year-old girl in her stomach.

According to the docs, he told the teen, "I'm a creepy old man, you're really talented and really cute."

Both alleged victims co-starred with Tom on a production of 42nd Street.


Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have gone public with their relationship.

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On Saturday night, the 30-something dad canoodled with the teen model at a Miami restaurant.

An Instagram video shows Kourtney Kardashian's ex locking lips with Lionel Richie's youngest daughter.

They were also served a dessert with “Congratulations Scott and Sofia!” written on the plate.

Earlier this year, Richie shot down rumors she was dating the father of three.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Dirt - 9/25


Former Steel Magnolia singer Meghan Linsey sparked a controversy when she chose to kneel after singing the national anthem at yesterday's (Sunday) Titans game against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Many took to social media to voice their anger while others supported Meghan in the symbolic gesture.

Today she issued the following statement:

I want to say, I love my country and I have so much respect for those who died for our right to stand, kneel or be absent during the anthem yesterday. The heart of our country is our Constitution, and we are all walking, talking, breathing symbols of that Constitution.

Yesterday upon finishing the anthem, I kneeled in solidarity with the players and for those who experience racism and police brutality on a daily basis. I love the American flag, but a symbol is nothing without the people it represents, so yesterday, I kneeled for those who are mistreated, beaten down and disregarded.

It was never a choice for me as to whether or not I would show support for many of my fans and friends who have a heightened level of anxiety and fear because of the hateful, polarizing rhetoric from the President perpetuating a dangerous climate.

I can never be anything but me, the way God made me, and what I do is not just my art, it’s my calling. I will never normalize hate, whether that angers people or not. I knew there would be some backlash from people who don't understand, but there has also been such an overwhelming amount of support from those who applauded and knelt with me, and I’m so grateful for that.

I pray that change is sparked and that our great country can find unity despite our differences.

Love and Light-


Reba McEntire is expanding her empire. She's inked a deal with Justin Boots to design her own line. 

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The collection is inspired by her life and features casual boots, booties, and classic western boots. She says, "This collection is for all those strong, spirited women and cowgirls at heart who have followed my journey throughout the years."

The line should be in stores soon.


Blake Shelton will release his 11th studio album, Texoma Shores, on November 3rd.

He made the announcement via social media. His timing couldn't be better -- the new season of The Voice starts on Monday.

You can pre-order the album now.

D.A. Of The Day - 9/25


An Arkansas woman is facing charges of drug possession and forgery after police found three syringes and drugs hidden inside her private lady parts.

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Cops say they stopped Tracy McCoy for reckless driving and had her take a field sobriety test. She insisted that she hadn't been drinking and only took some prescription medicine, but officers brought her back to the station to provide a urine sample and that's when they realized something wasn't right. McCoy was unable to urinate and officers figured out why. It turns out she had stashed three syringes and a folded-up $20 bill inside her vagina. Wrapped inside the bill was a white pill that turned out to be a prescription pain pill.

She was immediately arrested, but before being thrown into the slammer, she made sure to do something to ensure that her next family gathering will be very awkward. She forged her sister’s signature on the arrest paperwork.


A Virginia woman visited a Longhorn Steakhouse but somehow got the long poisonous fang of a copperhead snake.

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Rachel Myrick says she was walking through the restaurant to her table when she felt a sharp pain in her left foot. At first, she thought she'd been stung by a bee and kept walking, but the pain intensified, and when she reached down to feel her foot, she felt something moving. That's when she noticed an eight-inch copperhead snake and freaked out.

She screamed, "I got bit, I got bit" and then her boyfriend and her son ran over and stepped on the snake until it was dead. EMTs took her to the hospital, where she spent the next 11 days receiving anti-venom injections. But even though she's home now, she says she still deals with a lot of pain, and doctors have warned her that it may take several months for her to recover.


A Florida man got himself into a bucket of trouble by pulling off a big bank heist -- and then walking right next door to buy himself lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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Samuel Jevon Reaves entered the Wells Fargo branch and told a teller he needed money, but when the teller asked if he had a debit card, he responded, “This is a robbery. Give me all your money in the bank.” She handed over about $10,000, which he scooped up and calmly walked out -- crossing the parking lot with another bank employee following close behind.

The 32-year-old went into the KFC, ordered a meal, and took it to a table, where he bummed a cigarette from another patron -- before police arrived to cuff him and charge him with the robbery

HOTLIST - 9/25

ANTHONY WEINER: Sentenced to 21 Months

Anthony Weiner is headed to jail.

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The disgraced former congressman -- and estranged husband of Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin -- has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for sexting with a 15-year-old girl. He pleaded guilty in May in hopes of avoiding jail time. He has to report by November 6th.

Texts and E-mails related to this case triggered then-FBI Director James Comey's reopening of the Clinton E-mail case in October.


As NFL players across the league took a knee or remained in the locker room for the national anthem yesterday, NASCAR drivers and team members stood.


Not one person took a knee at yesterday's NASCAR Cup series race in New Hampshire and several owners made it perfectly clear that they wouldn't want anyone on their teams joining the protest. Driving legend and team owner Richard Petty said he would fire any employee who didn't stand for the anthem. He said, "Anybody that don’t stand up for that ought to be out of the country. Period, If they don’t appreciate where they’re at … what got them where they’re at? The United States."

Another former driver-turned team owner Richard Childress also had a harsh response when asked what he would do if one of his employees took a knee. He answered, "Get you a ride on a Greyhound bus when the national anthem is over. I told them anyone who works for me should respect the country we live in. So many people have gave their lives for it. This is America.” (ESPN)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. tweeted his feelings about protesting the anthem, saying "All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable -JFK"


Jennifer Lopez will donate $1 million to hurricane relief efforts for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

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She made the announcement Sunday during a surprise appearance alongside New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who launched a donation drive to aid the islands.

At the press conference, J.Lo, who is co-chairing the effort, said, “Today Puerto Rico needs our help. My cousins and I and all of our family still haven’t been able to hear from all of our family over there and we are concerned for them and for everybody on the island."

Lopez added that she and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, "who are both New Yorkers, are utilizing all our resources and relationships in entertainment, sports and business to garner support for Puerto Rican and Caribbean relief efforts."