Tuesday, April 19, 2016

All You Can Eat Fries coming to McDonalds???


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Can we all agree the best part of McDonald’s are the French fries? I mean, there’s a reason we feverishly search the bottom of the bag for any stragglers.

Well, some lucky McDonald’s fans in Missouri are about to hit the jackpot, as all-you-can-eat fries will soon be a reality.

That’s right, endless French fries will soon be available at a brand new McDonald’s in St. Joseph, MO.

According to the St. Joesph News-Press, the 6,500 square foot restaurant will offer all-you-can-eat fries, customizable desserts, sandwiches and burgers, as well as table service.



Today marks a pretty significant anniversary in Miranda Lambert’s music history. On this day in 2003, Miranda scored her first major record deal with Sony Music Nashville -- and she’s been a boss ever since.

Miranda won the most awards at the Grammys, ACMs and CMAs combined in 2015.

Miranda set a new ACM record when she won her seventh trophy for Female Vocalist of the Year.

Last year, she found a ton of pups new forever homes and launched a scholarship fund for women in music at Belmont University.

The Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau gave her a star on the Music City Walk of Fame, and she was the Nashville Symphony’s 2015 Harmony Award recipient.

She was among Forbes’s highest-paid women in music in 2015 with $28.5 million.

And her Cosmo cover was smokin’ hot.


Kenny Chesney kicks off his tour this Saturday with a charity show at Jordan-Hare Stadium on the campus of Auburn University in Alabama.

Kenny says, “Every time I get to play somewhere with the kind of history Auburn has, it pushes me a little harder to really raise the bar. And the mission and heart behind Music and Miracles raises that bar higher still.”

Music and Miracles is an organization that raises money for cancer research. Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt and Old Dominion are also on the bill. 



Luke Bryan is bringing back his concert vacation event, Crash My Playa, for the third year in a row. Next year's event takes place January 19th through the 22nd in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Luke says, “This experience for my fans has more than exceeded our expectations. From start to finish, everyone has the best time and it’s something my band, crew and I look forward to all year long. We love kicking off the New Year this way!”

Luke will headline two of the four nights, and additional performers will be announced soon.




Security agents at an airport in Vietnam stopped a man for tweeting, and he wasn't even on his smartphone. He was literally tweeting from his pants.

The man was trying to catch a flight to Taiwan but was stopped at security because he was trying to smuggle 18 live birds in his pants. Each little bird was strapped to his legs inside a little bag with only its head and tail sticking out. Most of the birds are banned from leaving the country, and 11 of them are on the list of protected species.

The man was arrested and is under investigation.


A Florida woman was arrested for punching a convenience store worker who'd tried to retrieve a bag of Cheetos that she was hiding in her crotch.

49-year-old Melissa Mower is accused of trying to steal the cheesy snack and a six-pack of beer from a convenience store. The female store worker confronted her as she walked out and demanded the items. Mower returned the beer, but shoved the Cheetos under her sundress and ran away. But the employee wasn't going to let her get away that easy. She gave chase and followed Mower into the woods. Mower again refused to give up the Cheetos and punched the worker in the eye.

As you know, it ain't easy being cheesy, and Mower was eventually captured by police, who found her in possession of the Cheetos. She was arrested and charged with theft and battery.


A Florida man has changed his name to Bruce Jenner because he believes the name should be brought back to its "heterosexual roots."

The actor and bodyguard, who was born Mark Behar and actually once worked for the Kardashian family, says he wanted to take the name Bruce Jenner after the former Olympic track star became Caitlyn Jenner. His publicist (yes, he has a publicist) released a statement saying, "The famous Bruce Jenner name will return to its heterosexual roots where our client believes it belongs, instead of hanging out with the likes of the Kardashians and getting into car accidents as Caitlyn."

The new Bruce Jenner, who claims to be a "110 percent All-American Alpha Male," has a Facebook page promoting himself, mocking Caitlyn Jenner and supporting Donald Trump.



Police in Oklahoma City have arrested a man from the future who traveled back in time to steal chicken and bacon from a fast food restaurant, and then assaulted an employee.

Cops say 36-year-old Dante Rashad Anderson, whom to the best of their knowledge is actually not from the future, walked into a Carl's Jr. and demanded food from employees. They refused and ordered him to leave, so he headed over to a nearby Arby's. There, he jumped over the counter and ran into the kitchen, where he pushed a female employee against a wall and grabbed a handful of bacon and chicken before walking out.

Officers eventually found him lying on the ground near a taco restaurant. He told them he'd stolen the food because he's from four years in the future, where everyone is dead, and he was hungry. He was taken to the hospital to have a minor injury looked at and then booked into jail on charges of assault and battery, larceny, and destruction of property.

The HOTLIST - Tuesday, April 19th



Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are parents.

The model gave birth to a baby girl named Luna Simone Stephens on Thursday. The couple made the announcement Sunday.

Chrissy posted an Instagram photo of the baby’s weight (6 pounds and 11 ounces), along with the caption: “She’s here! Luna Simone Stephens, we are so in love with you! And sleepy. Very sleepy.” John tweeted, “Our new love is here! Luna Simone Stephens, born on Thursday, the 14th. We couldn’t be happier!”

This is the couple’s first child. Chrissy and John wed in 2013.


Blac Chyna is her own woman.

TMZ says Rob Kardashian's fiancee won't let the Kardashians own her. Sources say the mogul has refused to sign with momager Kris Jenner or do the fam's reality show. Chyna reportedly wants nothing to do with TV as she develops a "Paris Hilton-style business empire, hawking everything from eyelashes to purses."

In fact, Chyna is allegedly telling friends that she's hasn't benefited at all from the Kardashians, while Rob has benefited greatly from her. Since their romance went public, Rob has indeed picked up a number of endorsements, promoting teeth whitening products and women's shoes on social media.


Now we know the nature of the so-called "mystery illness" that's been sidelining Joe Manganiello.

TMZ says the actor had his appendix removed late last week. Sources say his appendicitis was pretty serious with one insider claiming his appendix burst. Speculation on Joe's health begun Sunday when he failed to show up at a charity event with his wife, Sofia Vergara.

TMZ says that as of Sunday evening Joe was still in the hospital.


Everybody Loves Raymond star Doris Roberts died Sunday in L.A. She was 90.

The veteran actress won five Emmys in her career, four of them for playing Marie Barone, the mother of Ray Romano's character on the hit CBS sitcom. Her other Emmy came in 1983 for a role on St. Elsewhere.

She also played Donna Pescow's mother on the ABC series Angie. On the silver screen, her credits included Barefoot in the Park, The Heartbreak Kid, Rabbit Test and The Rose.


Johnny Depp's wife Amber Heard appeared in an Australian courtroom Monday and pleaded guilty to bringing the couple's two dogs into the country without properly declaring them.

Heard had been facing up to 10 years in jail, but prosecutors dropped two of the charges and a judge decided to release her on a $1000 bond. Heard and Depp did not speak to reporters outside the courtroom but released an awkward apology video. In it, Heard said, "I am truly sorry that Pistol and Boo were not declared.” Depp added, "Declare everything when you enter Australia."

Monday, April 18, 2016

TWANG TOWN LOWDOWN - Monday, April 18th


When rumors surfaced last week that Zac Brown had been caught up in a drug bust in South Florida, Zac took to Facebook to clarify the situation. TMZ reports that Brown was at a hotel party in Palm Beach on April 8 when police came in and arrested some of the partygoers for possession of marijuana and cocaine.In a Facebook message posted on Friday (4/15), Zac confirmed that he was in the hotel room but says he had nothing to do with the people who were busted with drugs. Zac said in the message, "My dad always said nothing good ever happens when you stay out late. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way last week, being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Brown said he'd only been in the hotel room for a short time when police officers arrived and arrested two people for possession of drugs. He also said that he didn't know those people and had no idea they had drugs on them. Zac also made it clear that he fully cooperated with the authorities and is not part of any ongoing police investigation. Brown went on to say, "Everyone is responsible for their actions, and I regret using poor judgment and putting myself in that position."
According to the gossip site, police raided the room after a man was arrested in car outside the hotel with 30 grams of cocaine. After he was busted, the man told police that he had come there with two women who were inside the hotel room.


Randy Houser and his fiancée Tatiana Starzynski are both very involved in planning their upcoming wedding. Houser tells People, "Making decisions together and planning a day that feels like 'us.' We like to do absolutely everything together so it has been really fun visiting venues and going to tastings." But one aspect of their big day is strictly Randy's domain. He shares, "I have been in charge of all musical aspects including the band selection and key songs. I have also written and recorded a song for the first dance which Tatiana will not hear until the day!" The wedding ceremony will take place in Nashville next month and will feature Houser's 4-year-old son West as a ring bearer.

· Randy also talked about popping the question last April while the two were watching movies at home. Houser said, "I just felt like it was the right time. I walked to the closet and and came back with the ring, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. It was just perfect for us!"



Contrary to what the rumors say, Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman won't be renewing their wedding vows this year to honor their tenth anniversary. When People recently asked the couple about the rumors, Keith said, "I read that, too. I don't know where they get half of this stuff from. No." And Kidman says there's a good reason for why they aren't renewing their vows. She said, "We don't need to. The vows are strong, we keep them." Urban went on to say, "They're daily in the sense of action, as opposed to being recited. I like to think of showing those on a daily basis." The couple will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary on June 25.



A 20-year-old Georgia man is under arrest after he attacked patrons inside a bar -- with a bottle of fart spray.
The stench sent people running out of the bar, and police were called to investigate the odor. Witnesses implicated Blake Zengo and police approached him.

They say he was very drunk and slurring his speech.
He denied any wrongdoing, but after a woman told police that he had sprayed her in the face with a fart spray, cops searched his pockets and found a bottle of a "Liquid Ass."

The non-toxic novelty item promises to fill the air "with a genuine, foul butt-crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo." Zengo was charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication and underage possession of alcohol.


A British man really had a cow when he woke up after taking too many sleeping pills and finding out that he'd drowsily gone on an online shopping spree -- and spent $3000 for a live yak!

The man, who really wanted to remain anonymous, went way beyond drunk dialing during his binge, and ended up placing an order with a company peddling exotic livestock. He asked that he be sent a "golden yak cow" that would run him a shade under $2700 -- plus about $400 for shipping. (You wouldn't expect it to walk all the way from Asia, would you?)

The sheepish shopper panicked when he saw the invoice in his inbox, but luckily, the yak-dealer was understanding. The would-be yak owner later posted an online update explaining that he'd managed to convince the seller to cancel shipment, saying, "Oh I’m sure you would've all liked for me to just let them deliver it, but my apartment complex would boot my [butt] on to the street. The only thing worse than being homeless is being a homeless yak owner."


A Florida man huffed and puffed when cops pulled him over on drug and traffic charges -- and wouldn't let him puff one last smoke before being hauled off in handcuffs.

A cop tried to flag down Shawn Rutig after he spotted the 31-year-old driving erratically down the middle of a sidewalk in Leesburg, but he refused to pull over. That's easy to understand, since the officers who eventually pulled Rutig over found his vehicle to be packed with meth, scales, syringes and other paraphernalia -- along with a safe filled with more drugs in the trunk.

According to the police report, Rutig did not resist arrest, but did hesitate before getting out of his ride, saying he really needed to smoke one more cigarette before going to jail -- a request deputies denied. 


A FedEx employee picked a heck of a spot for a quick nap.

The unnamed worker grew tired while loading packages onto a FedEx cargo plane in Memphis and decided to grab a few Z's. When he finally woke up, he was 30,000 feet in the air on his way to Lubbock, Texas. He reportedly walked up to the cockpit door and knocked to get the pilot's attention, but the pilot wasn't about to open the door for someone who wasn't supposed to be on the plane and told the worker to use a phone in the cabin to communicate.

After the plane landed, the worker was questioned by police and released to FedEx officials. He was not arrested.


HOTLIST - Monday, April 18th


Brian Johnson is leaving AC/DC because of issues with his hearing. In a message from the band, the group wishes him all the best on this and future venture.

In the meantime, Axl Rose has offered to step in and help the rest of the band members fulfill their commitment to tour dates already on the books.

The band will resume the “Rck Or Bust World Tour” beginning May 7 in Lisbon, Portugal and running through June 12th in Aarhus, Denmark. Following the European stadium dates, Rose will go out with Guns N’ Roses for that band’s ”Not In This Lifetime” summer stadium tour.

AC/DC’s 10 postponed U.S shows will be rescheduled and announced soon. They will also feature Rose.


Mark Wahlberg, who co-stars in the movie “Patriots Day,” about the Boston Marathon bombing, surprised a few people who are prepping for this year’s race on Saturday. Wahlberg met with 68 members of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital’s Race for Rehab team while they prepared for the 16.2-mile race today.

The actor was in Boston filming “Patriots Day” withJ.K. Simmons, John Goodman, and Michelle Monaghan. He visited with the people on the team, assuring them that they are going to getting the story right and making people proud.

“Everybody knows somebody who was directly impacted by the bombings at the marathon, and what a horrible tragedy it was. And when they decided they were going to make this movie, they had come to me and asked me if I wanted to be a part of it, and I was like, I don't think it's a good idea," “People” reports that Wahlberg told the group, which included survivors Heather Abbott, Roseanne Sdoia, and police officer Dic Donohue.

"But then when I read the script then I realized, oh my God, this is so powerful and so inspiring and such a tribute to everybody: victims, the rescue workers, the police department, the FBI, everybody," Wahlberg added.

“Patriot Days” is scheduled to open in theaters on December 21.


Aretha Franklin announced on her website that she is finally ready to sign for the movie on her life. She says she will have creative control, which was the major point in the negotiations.

Franklin made the announcement during a celebration of her 74th birthday, which was March 25. No announcement has been made as to who would play the singer in the film.

Franklin has six decades of music to cover in the movie, beginning with her gospel album, "Songs of Faith." From those humble beginnings, the singer has produced such classics as "Chain of Fools," "Freeway of Love," "Think" and "Respect."


A waitress and Jason Bateman both had an embarrassing night Saturday at a New York restaurant.

The actor was attending a party for the film he directed, The Family Fang, which had just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The waitress, perhaps excited about getting to work a celebrity party, accidentally tripped and spilled an entire tray of drinks right on Bateman. The waitress apparently turned bright red from embarrassment and didn't even know who she spilled the drinks on until Bateman got down and helped her pick up the mess.