Wednesday, January 31, 2018

THE DIRT - 1.31

DARIUS RUCKER: Performing Before the Super Bowl


Darius Rucker attended last year's Super Bowl. This year, he'll sing before it.

He'll perform at the NFL Tailgate Party on Sunday. Also on the bill are Sting and Shaggy -- who you might have seen team up at the Grammys.

Portions of the festivities will be broadcast on NBC's pre-game show.


Image result for LUKE COMBS

Grab your tissues, because Luke Combs has released the video for his single "One Number Away," and it's absolutely heartbreaking.


Image result for LANCO

LANCO's Hallelujah Nights claimed the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart this week, making them the first country band to open at the chart's summit with a debut album since Lady Antebellum in 2008. The milestone feat comes on the heels of the group's single "Greatest Love Story" spending two weeks at No. 1 and their latest release, "Born To Love You," dominating the top of the iTunes Country chart since its release.


Image result for maren morris and ryan hurd

The countdown is on till Maren Morris ties the knot with fiancé Ryan Hurd. On Monday night (1/29), Maren shared a picture of the happy couple raising their glasses along with a message saying, "Two months till we say 'I do.'" While Maren's post didn't reveal the exact date for their upcoming nuptials, we do know a few more details about the big day.

Hurd recently told People that one of the couple's must-haves at their reception will be tequila, with Morris chiming in to say the drink is actually her go-to for calming the nerves and energizing. So, what else will the couple need for their wedding? Maren says, "Excellent fiancé, dog, tacos - yeah, it's gonna be a reflection us and our tastes!"



When Reba hit the red carpet ahead of Sunday night's (1/28) Grammy Awards, she did so with her new boyfriend, Skeeter Lasuzzo, in tow. Reba introduced her new man to the world during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, revealing that the two had already been to three plays together while in New York for the Grammys. Reba said of their relationship, "We like to have fun whether it's the mountains or New York City." In December, Reba documented that shared love for the mountains, posting pictures of them spending time outdoors in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

D.A. OF THE DAY 1.31

WEIRD NEWS: Peacocks Can't Fly

A New York woman's attempt to bring her emotional support animal on a cross-country flight didn't quite fly with United Airlines.

The woman, a performance artist who goes by the name Ventiko, tried to board the Newark-to-Los Angeles flight with her emotional support peacock named Dexter. United Airlines says it warned the woman three times that the peacock wouldn't be allowed to board the plane, but she ignored them and came to the airport with the colorful bird perched on her shoulder. She was finally turned away and now Ventiko says Dexter is being driven to California.

WEIRD NEWS: Pizza D'oh!
Image result for DAVID ADAMS PIZZA

A Washington man who didn't have enough dough for a pizza delivery tried to rob the driver, but ended up getting boxed in by a quick-thinking cop who found he'd ordered the same pie from the same cell phone just four days earlier.

A guy who identified himself as "David Adams" rang a Pizza Hut and placed a large order worth more than 80 bucks, but when the driver arrived at his apartment complex, he said he'd meet her in the parking lot, which he did -- pulling out a gun and demanding she hand over the food and the cash she was carrying.

The driver called 911 and reached a dispatcher who thought outside the box and checked with the eatery to see if anyone had used the suspect's phone to order pizza in the past -- finding that he'd done that just four days earlier. Cops were dispatched to his apartment, where they found a group of people smoking weed and eating a few pies, which they insisted had been there long before they showed up for the party.

WEIRD NEWS: Plumbers Crack on Crappy Flight
Vacationers traveling on a flight from Norway to Germany saw their plans go down the tubes due to broken toilets -- even though the plane was packed with nearly 100 plumbers!

The Norwegian Air flight made it almost halfway to Munich, but couldn't go on due to the crappy plumbing. Airline rep Frank Olsen says his staff were unable to intervene and correct the mid-flight problem because it could only be fixed by someone working from the outside. He adds, "There was a good atmosphere in the plane, what with the irony about the broken toilets."

Pilots were able to take off several hours after the emergency landing, so you could say the second time was the Charmin!

WEIRD NEWS: Highway to Hell

You might say that Arizona is hot as hell, but if you're driving along a particular stretch of Interstate 10, you might think you actually are in hell.

A two-mile portion of the highway between Phoenix and Tucson has been adopted by the Satanic Temple of Arizona. So if you happen to be driving on I-10, you might actually see some Satanists with pitchforks cleaning up trash on the side of the road. Members of the temple say they wanted to do something good for their community, so they contacted the Arizona Department of Transportation and asked to adopt a segment of the highway. They paid the fee and now have their own sign on the side of the road.

A founding member of the temple says, "What we are really showing here is that Satanism is a legitimate religion, even though it’s non-theistic. We are showing the people do have a sense of community and they want to get involved."

HOTLIST - 1.30

Tom Hanks has been cast as Mr. Rogers in an upcoming bio-pic.


The movie, titled You Are My Friend, was inspired by a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The plot follows a "cynical journalist begrudgingly accepts an assignment to write a profile piece on the beloved icon and finds his perspective on life transformed."

Production is set to begin in September.

Leslie Jones will return to the Olympics as a contributor for NBC. The SNL cast member covered the Rio summer games in 2016 after enthusiastically tweeted about the events. NBC’s live prime-time coverage of the Winter Olympics begins February 8th.

Image result for RICHARD ROEPER
Film critic Richard Roeper has been suspended from the Chicago Sun-Times after he allegedly bought fake followers on Twitter. The paper's editor in chief Chris Fusco said, "We're investigating these issues. We will not be publishing any reviews or columns by Rich until this investigation is complete."

Image result for USA SUITS
USA Network has renewed Suits for an eighth season after the departure of stars Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle. Both actors will leave the series at the end of the seventh season.

Meanwhile, Showtime has canceled the Andrew Dice Clay series Dice, and Hulu has canceled the drama series Shut Eye after two seasons.

Zachary Quinto will once again replace Leonard Nimoy. The current Spock has signed on to host a reboot of In Search Of for the History channel. Nimoy hosted the series in the late '70s and early '80s.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The DIRT - 1.30

BRETT ELDREDGE: Gives a "Lyft" to St. Jude
Image result for brett eldredge st jude

Brett Eldredge has teamed up with rideshare service Lyft to help raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital.

St. Jude is now part of Lyft's Round Up and Donate program, in which people who use the service can round up their fare to the next dollar and donate the difference to a charity.

Brett says, “I am so thankful to St. Jude for the opportunity to meet these incredible kids. The courage and zest for life that they have is something that will inspire me forever. Now everyone can help make an impact with Lyft’s Round Up and Donate. I hope that everyone can see how powerful and simple it is to help by donating.”

Lyft's program has raised over $4 million for various charities in its eight months in existence.

Kenny Chesney has added amphitheater dates to his already announced stadium shows on Trip Around the Sun tour.
Image result for kenny chesney
He says, “Nothing’s like the energy of a stadium show. But there’s also something about the amphitheaters, where the people are all so close. It’s like being with your friends somewhere back home, singing songs and hanging out, and having the best party of the year."

The tour kicks off with a stadium show in Tampa, Florida on April 21st and wraps up with another big field in Foxboro, Massachusetts on August 25th.

LADY ANTEBELLUM: Hillary Welcomes Twin Girls

Image result for hillary scott twin girls

Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott and her husband Chris Tyrell welcomed twin baby girls yesterday (Monday).

Hillary wrote in an Instagram post, "Our family is thankful and proud to announce the arrival of our precious baby girls. They were born in the early hours of January 29th, 2018 and we can’t wait to share more about them in the days to come. Thank you to everyone who prayed and prayed for these little ladies, and thank you Lord for healthy babies. #twins." The girl join their big sister, four-year-old Eisele.

D.A. Of The Day - 1.30

WEIRD NEWS: Tat's All, Folks!

Image result for kate bullen vegan

A meat-hating woman in England went bananas when trying to show the world her dietary choice -- by tattooing the word "vegan" on her forehead.

Kate Bullen, who lives in the industrial town of Preston, wanted to spread the word that it's easy eating green, so she had the word inked just above her right eyebrow -- to remind her that she never wanted to go back to munching on her fellow mammals. She says she's gotten a lot of negative feedback over the decision, some from family members who say they're worried she might be harming her chances of getting a job-- although she's been "self-employed" since her late teens.

Her tattoo artist admits she was initially skeptical about doing the inking, but says that Kate "didn't try to convert" her to eating vegan, so she relented and is glad she did.

WEIRD NEWS: Smothered, Covered, Hot and Bothered
Image result for Willie Edward Drake
There's apparently one condiment you won't find at a Waffle House restaurant, and thanks to an insane Georgia man, we now know what it is.

43-year-old Willie Edward Drake sat down at the counter of a Waffle House in Macon, Georgia and asked for some barbecue sauce with his meal. An employee informed him that they don't keep barbecue sauce in stock and Drake didn't take the news very well. He completely lost his mind and started yelling obscenities at the staff. At one point hollered, "I’ll go to [effing] jail over some barbecue sauce!" Well, it turns out he was serious.

Employees feared for their safety and called 911. When police arrived, they found Drake being "uncooperative and disorderly." He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

HOTLIST - 1.30

TAYLOR SWIFT: Who Called Her Lazy?
Image result for taylor swift and quincy jones

Katy Perry ought to be thrilled to learn that music producer Quincy Jones is on her side in the “Bad Blood” feud with Taylor Swift.

Quincy despises Taylor. In an interview with GQ magazine, he accuses her of being lazy in the recording studio. (quote) “The only place you find ‘success’ before ‘work’ is the dictionary, and that’s alphabetical.”

The Grammys have given Quincy 29 awards. The most significant was 35 years ago for Album and Record of the Year for Michael Jackson’s Thriller and “Beat It.”

When asked about Taylor Swift’s songwriting, which some have called the best of the decade, Quincy told GQ, (quote) “Whatever crumbles your cookie. We need more songs, man. [Freaking] songs, not hooks.”

MERYL STREEP: Trademarking Her Name
Image result for meryl streep

There can be only one Meryl Streep -- and the Oscar-winner wants to make that legal.

The 68-year-old has applied to trademark her name. Her filing would give her exclusive rights to the use of her name in the entertainment industry and protect it from unauthorized commercial use.

It wasn't immediately known why Streep filed the trademark application at this point in her career, but many other celebs have tried the same.

Rapper 50 Cent and power couple David and Victoria Beckham successfully trademarked their names, while Kylie Jenner, Blue Ivy and Donald Trump were denied.

HARVEY WEINSTEIN: Sued by Former Assistant
Related image

Harvey Weinstein is still getting hit with lawsuits.

The mogul is being sued by his former assistant Sandeep Rehal. Among her many claims were that she was harassed, groped and forced to keep a cabinet stocked with his erectile dysfunction shots. She claimed Weinstein made her put a shot in his jacket pocket or a brown paper bag whenever he was supposed to meet a woman at a hotel.

According to the suit, Rehal was "required, as a condition of her employment, to work with Harvey Weinstein when he was naked. On an almost weekly basis, she was required to take dictation of emails from him while he was naked."

Rehal says she also had to clean up semen on Weinstein's office couch and pick up his used condoms.

Weinstein "categorically denies" the claims.

Our Best Friends For A Reason....Actually Several Of Them..

Image result for cute puppies

Our four-legged friends are good for a lot more than cuddling. Research suggests that they can get us moving, improve our immune systems, and work as mental-health boosters. Here are five ways pets make us happier and healthier.

Get The List HERE.

Y'all Ain't Gonna Believe What KFC Has Come Up With Now...

Image result for reba as col. sanders 

From The Folks Who Got REBA To Dress Like A Fried Chicken Slinging Senior Citizen. You'll Never Guess What KFC Is Up To Now.. 

KFC is selling the world’s first EDIBLE COFFEE CUP. It’s made of cookies and lined with chocolate . . . so as you drink your coffee, the chocolate melts and you can start eating the cup. Unfortunately they’re only doing it in the U.K.

I mean what could be better than ordering one of their Double Decker chicken Frankenstein thingies and washing it down with a cup made of coffee, cookies and chocolate, just throw in a side of Lipitor and we're set.

Read More About it HERE

Friday, January 26, 2018

The DIRT - 1/26

Image result for jason aldean rearview town

Jason Aldean releases his eighth studio album, Rearview Town on April 13th.

On Monday he'll debut the first single, '"You Make It Easy” live on Jimmy Fallon on NBC.He says the album blends some of the different musical genres that influenced him. "Growing up in Macon, Georgia, I had a chance to learn about so many different styles of music. Looking back on first playing in bands as a teenager, I was just soaking everything up. A lot of that comes out on this record...where I've been, and who I am now.”

Image result for reba colonel sanders

Reba McEntire is the latest celebrity to portray Colonel Harlan Sanders, the famous face of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

She says, “I’ve held a lot of roles in my life -- sort of like the Colonel himself -- but this is certainly the most unique one yet.”

Reba will be hawking the chicken company's new Smoky Mountain BBQ fried chicken in TV and Internet commercials starting on Sunday.

Image result for blake shelton and trace adkins

Blake Shelton has chosen his buddy Trace Adkins to be his team's advisor on the new season of The Voice.

The two scored a number-one hit together in 2010 with "Hillbilly Bone."

Blake's past advisors include Reba McEntire, Brad Paisley, Sheryl Crow, Michael Buble, Bette Midler, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts, Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson.

The new season of The Voice starts on February 26th.

D.A. Of The Day 1/26

WEIRD NEWS: More Fun Than a Can of Snakes
Image result for rodrigo franco snakes

Customs authorities in California weren't laughing when a man tried to pull off the old snakes in a can joke -- because he used some very real, very dangerous cobras instead of the cute toy ones.

Rodrigo Franco faces five months in prison after pleading guilty to wildlife smuggling -- a charge he was hit with when officials snagged a courier shipment bound for his house, containing potato chip cans with three live king cobra snakes and three albino soft-shelled turtles inside. Franco was allowed to keep the turtles, which are legal to have as pets, but was cited for receipt of the highly venomous cobras, which are banned.

Franco later admitted he received 20 king cobras in two other previous shipments, but all the snakes had died while being shipped.

WEIRD NEWS: Cash Cab Crash
Image result for Ryan Michael Stepanian

A West Virginia man saw his robbery plan go to "hail" after he used a cab to get to a bank stick-up -- only to have the driver recognize his picture from a news report and tell cops exactly where to find him.

Ryan Michael Stepanian called a car service and said he needed a ride to a branch in Charles Town to take care of some simple banking business, then asked the cabbie to wait around and drop him off at a park afterward. Driver George Lyon didn't notice anything unusual in his passenger's behavior and forgot all about the trip -- until he saw a story online showing Stepanian's picture and describing the crime.

The driver quickly put two and two together and came up with 911, which he called to offer the suspect's address. Stepanian was arrested that day without incident.

WEIRD NEWS: Cops Arrest Man for 344th Time
Image result for Richard Powell arrested 344 times

To call Richard Powell a repeat offender would be perhaps the biggest understatement ever.

The 57-year-old Florida man was recently arrested for the 344th time. His lifetime of shenanigans has landed him in handcuffs for a wide variety of offenses, including robbery, assault, public drunkenness and stealing a milk crate. His most recent misconduct involved violating a previous order to stay out of Miami Beach, where he's gotten into a lot of trouble.

Police found Powell there yelling in the street and carrying a beer. He also had marijuana stuffed inside his shoes. He appeared before a judge this week and was sentenced to 90 days in the slammer.

HOTLIST - 1/26

Image result for adam hicks

Disney star Adam Hicks has been arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, TMZreports. Hicks, the star of Zeke and Luther, and his girlfriend allegedly stuck up people in the San Fernando Valley area. Two of the victims were women in their 70s.
Image result for Tom Cruise MI 6

In his first ever Instagram post, Tom Cruise revealed the name for the sixth Mission: Impossible movie -- Fallout. It hits theaters on July 27th.

Image result for william shatner

Police were called to William Shatner's L.A. home Thursday night after a suspicious man was spotted on the property. But the man ran off before cops arrived. The star was home at the time but is fine.

Image result for vanity fair reese witherspoon 3rd leg

Vanity Fair magazine botched the cover of their Hollywood issue and gave Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey some extra limbs.

The two stars appear next to each other and it's hard to ignore Reese's three legs. On the magazine's website, another photo shows Oprah with both hands on her chair and a third hand wrapped around Reese’s waist. Ooops!

The stars tweeted about the goof. Reese Witherspoon said, "I guess everybody knows now...I have 3 legs. I hope you can still accept me for who I am. And I will never apologize for snuggling @Oprah ... if you get the opportunity, I highly recommend it ;)"

Oprah replied, "I accept your 3d leg. As I know you accept my 3d hand."

Vanity Fair did not overlook the five women who lodged complaints against James Franco. Just two weeks ago, after the Golden Globes, they digitally erased Franco, even though he sat for the photoshoot and an interview. The magazine confirmed, "We made a decision not to include James Franco on the Hollywood cover once we learned of the misconduct allegations against him.”

Doing This Might Be Bad Karma BUT It's GREAT For Your Health

Image result for women gossiping

It may be bad for your karma to say terrible things about people behind their backs . . . but it’s GREAT for your health.

A new study from the University of Pavia in Italy found that gossiping about other people immediately makes your brain release more oxytocin.

And more oxytocin can help relieve stress . . . relieve pain . . . increase weight loss . . . fight depression . . . and make you generally happier.

The researchers found gossiping makes your brain release more oxytocin than any other type of conversation. And they think it’s because it helps people instantly BOND more than any other type of conversation.

Women Say That THIS Is The Sexiest Job A Man Can Have...

Image result for sexy man accountant

Either lots of women got really TURNED ON by their tax refunds this year or the world has become even stranger than we thought.

A new survey had women rank the SEXIEST JOBS for men. And the number one answer is . . . accountant. It got 21% of the vote.

Here are the nine sexiest jobs for men: Accountant . . . CEO . . . doctor . . . lawyer . . . construction worker . . . firefighter . . . I.T. worker . . . gardener . . . and police officer.

The survey also found the four least sexy jobs: Garbage man . . . customer service worker . . . deliveryman . . . and postal worker.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


BRETT, CHASE, LINDSAY: Perform at NHL All-Star Game

Image result for COUNTRY AT NHL ALL STAR

Brett Young, Chase Rice and Lindsay Ell will be part of the festivities for this Sunday's NHL All-Star Game in Tampa, Florida.

Chase will perform as the players are being introduced, Brett will sing the national anthem, and Lindsay will take on the Canadian national anthem.

The All-Star Game will air live at 2:30 p.m. [CST] on NBC.

GRAMMY PREVIEW: Best Country Solo Performance

Sam Hunt's "Body Like a Back Road," Alison Krauss's "Losing You," Miranda Lambert's "Tin Man," Maren Morris's "I Could Use a Love Song" and Chris Stapleton's "Either Way" are up for Best Country Solo Performance at this Year's Grammy Awards.

The 60th annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast live from New York City at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Image result for SAM HUNT

Sam Hunt - "Body Like a Back Road"
Sam has a total of two nominations for the song this year. In addition to Best Country Solo Performance, he's also up for Best Country Song.
"Body Like a Back Road" is the only song in the history of Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart to stay at number one for more than 24 weeks.
He's been nominated two other times but hasn't won yet.

Image result for ALISON KRAUSS

Alison Krauss - "Losing You"
This is Alison's only nomination this year.
The song is from her album Windy City.
She's won 27 Grammy Awards, the most of any female artist.

Image result for MIRANDA LAMBERT

Miranda Lambert - "Tin Man"
In addition to being nominated for Best Country Solo Performance, "Tin Man" is nominated for Best Country Song.
She has a total of 16 career nominations.
She's won twice.

Image result for MAREN MORRIS

Maren Morris - "I Could Use a Love Song"
This is Maren's only nomination this year.
She's had five career nominations and one win.
Maren will perform alongside Eric Church and Brothers Osborne in a Grammy tribute to victims of gun violence.

Image result for CHRIS STAPLETON

Chris Stapleton - "Either Way"
Chris has three nominations this year.
He's also up for Best Country Song for "Broken Halos" and Best Country Album for From A Room: Volume 1.
He has 10 career nominations and two wins.
He's performing on the show with Emmylou Harris.



Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton performed George Strait's "All My Exes Live in Texas" at last week's Crash My Playa event in Riviera Maya, Mexico.