Wednesday, July 6, 2016


KIMBERLY SCHLAPMAN: Introduces Summer Line to Oh Gussie!

Little Big Town's Kimberly Schlapman has added a summer line to her Oh Gussie! collection at Cracker Barrel stores. The eclectic set of new merchandise includes cast iron cookware, pottery, rain boots, a lamp and a side table.

She says, "It's full of new cozy goodies for your kitchen and home that have me giddy with excitement." Kimberly gives a peek at one of the products on her Instagram page.

She'll visit the Cracker Barrel in Fishers, Indiana on Saturday before performing on Luke Bryan's Kill the Lights Tour in Indianapolis later that night. The collection arrives in stores tomorrow


Miranda Lambert has closed her bed and breakfast in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. A notice posted on The Ladysmith's website says it is closed and has new management. There is no indication when it will reopen.

She previously shuttered her Pink Pistol Boutique, which is in the same town. Blake Shelton bought the property on which the boutique was located and says he has plans for it. The Pink Pistol store Miranda owns in Lindale, Texas is in the process of expanding.

Blake filed for divorce from Miranda one year ago today

KENNY CHESNEY: Delays Album, Adds Duet

Kenny Chesney is pushing back the release of his new album, Some Town Somewhere, to October 28th. It was originally scheduled to come out on Friday.

Kenny wants the album to be perfect -- and that means adding a woman's voice to "Setting the World on Fire." So he called his new friend, the pop star Pink.

Kenny says, “Pink's voice holds so many feelings all at the same time: joy, desire, a bit of toughness, a little hurt. She’s an incredible singer and has this great tone that shines but has a little wear to it, but doesn’t sound beat up."

He says adding her to the song brought the track to a whole new level.

JAKE OWEN: Daddy-Daughter Decisions

Jake Owen's three-year-old daughter Pearl is already making important decisions. For example, in case you're wondering why Jake's boat is pink, that was Pearl's choice.

Initially, she wanted it to be pink and blue, but dad didn't think that was the best decision, so he went with pink and silver-sparkle flakes.

Needless to say, the three year-old is beyond happy with the decision.


WEIRD NEWS: Sleepy NFL Player Scores Touchdown -- in a Pond

One day you're scrambling 30 yards for a touchdown and the next you're falling asleep at the wheel and waking up in a pond.

That's the story of Jacksonville Jaguars running back Denard Robinson. Police in Jacksonville say they found the 25-year-old NFL player and a female companion fast asleep inside a Chevy Impala that had been driven into a retention pond. When an officer tapped on the window to wake them up, Robinson briefly opened his eyes and then fell back asleep. The officer woke up his friend, Marissa Staples, in the passenger seat. She rolled down the window, turned to him and ask asked, "What's up?"

Both were able to get out through the passenger side door and neither was injured. The officer doesn't believe Robinson or his friend were impaired at the time and no citations were issued. Robinson later said that he simply fell asleep at the wheel and never should driven while that tired.

WEIRD NEWS: The Pothead Calling the Kettle Black
File photo shows cannabis plants on fire

An Australian family's harmonious existence just went up in smoke after a guy called cops to say his father had committed arson -- by burning a slew of the marijuana plants he'd been growing on his property.

The wanna-be weed farmer phoned authorities to say that he and his old man both got fired up during an argument, which led the dad to make his way over to the pot patch and set it ablaze. Officers arrived at the home in the small town of Humpty Doo, and found the younger man, still angry, demanding to press charges -- not considering the fact that growing the crop in the first place could land him in prison.

Police Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said, “He seemed to believe that the destruction of the same was far worse than the possession in the first instance," but said that since there was no clear evidence of how much weed was torched, there was no way to press charges against either.

Still, sounds like the kid is going to have his nose out of joint for quite a while over this one.

WEIRD NEWS: That's No Turn Signal!

A British pedestrian who was knocked over by a hit-and-run driver responded to that jerk's actions with a jerky action of his own -- an X-rated use of his "gearshift."

As Bouhlel Barhoumi tried to sprint across a busy street against a red light, he was clipped by a vehicle that sped off, leaving him lying in the crosswalk. The 43-year-old got up and assaulted a second driver who had nothing to do with the incident, punching him, then exposing himself and waving his manhood in the direction of a female passenger.

A cop dispatched to the scene ordered Barhoumi to give it a rest. Bad idea -- he got even more lewd, wrapping his leg around the officer, humping him like a dog and capping it all with a headbutt for the man in uniform. Barhoumi faces charges of assault and "outraging public decency."

WEIRD NEWS: What a G-P-S-Hole!

A Florida man left his brain in neutral while he drove up to cops and asked for directions -- despite the fact that he was holding a marijuana pipe that he'd been smoking while on the road.

Christofer Chesson-Dennis pulled into a parking lot where the officers were sitting, rolled down his window and requested help getting to his destination. The deputies didn't immediately offer their services, since one of them noticed a strong weed aroma and asked Chesson-Dennis if he had any contraband -- a question he answered with a "yes," and a quick handover of the pipe.

When the cops said they were going to need to search the car, the 24-year-old saved them the trouble, speedily offering up the bag of meth and second pipe he had stuffed in the pocket of his shorts so they could map out his trip to the county lockup.


Get Ready To Scream, As AHS kicks off September 14th


A brand new horror story is coming in just over two months, FX on Tuesday announced the September premiere date for the sixth season of American Horror Story which will begin haunting TV screens on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. ET.

Though much is still unknown about the upcoming season of American Horror Story, the hit franchise has recently released the new installment’s logo and season 5 actor Cheyenne Jackson revealed that he has a part in season 6.

JIM CARREY: Girlfriend's Suicide Note Revealed

New details have emerged about the suicide death of Jim Carrey's girlfriend Cathriona White.

Carrey dated White on and off for three years before breaking off the relationship for good last September. Just a few days later, White overdosed on prescription pills and died. She was found with a suicide note addressed to the actor in which she expressed her heartbreak over losing him.

She wrote, "I've spent 3 days now in disbelief that you're not here. I can go on brokenhearted and try to put the pieces back. I could, I just don't have the will this time. I'm sorry you felt I wasn't there for you. I tried to give you my best part." She then added, "Please forgive me. I'm just not for this world." A toxicology report found that White overdosed on a mixture of painkillers and sleeping pills, which were believed to have been prescribed to Carrey.

PENN JILLETTE: Trump Fired Him Because....

Donald Trump fired contestants on the Celebrity Apprentice if they refused to support him for president, according to Penn Jillette.

The magician, who appeared on the show twice back in 2012 and 2013, tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal, "The reasons I did not win this silly competition is that Donald Trump did not like me. That's the only reason...but the reason he did not like me was that, backstage, he said that he wanted us to support him for president. Which at that point was more silly and less scary than it is now. And I said, clearly and publicly, that I would not support him for president and did not think that that should have any impact on the silly little show we were doing."

Penn says his time on the competition show was "absolutely an entirely good experience," but "now, with what's happening and the things he's said, the blatant racism and misogyny and delusion, it's very hard for me not to...feel shame for having been involved in that show."

PARIS JACKSON: Reconciles With Mom

Paris Jackson has reportedly reconciled with her mother after news broke that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

TMZ says the teen "just contacted Debbie [Rowe] and proclaimed her love."

Paris allegedly broke off contact with Debbie more than a year ago. TMZ says Michael Jackson's family was upset that Paris had reconnected with her biological mother after his death. Also, Paris apparently didn't like Debbie acting as the disciplinarian when she began acting out.

TMZ says Paris will meet with Debbie after her upcoming surgery.

KENDALL JENNER: Posts "Cute" Dime Bag

Kendall Jenner raised a few eyebrows on Snapchat when she posted a pic of a little baggie.

She called it "the cutest little Ziploc baggie I have ever seen," but fans were quick to point out that it's the same type used to hold drugs like dime bags. One Twitter user wrote, "She can’t be serious." Another tweeted, “She knows what it is, she ain’t that stupid.”

One person defended the model, saying, "The clothing industry puts extra buttons in these bags and attaches them in the clothing in case you lose a button." Still, Kendall deleted the photo.



In Flint, Michigan, 3-year-old Isaiah Andrews – who happens to be a superhero fanatic – was inspired when he heard fire truck sirens approaching his apartment complex and immediately wanted to help.

Isaiah put on his Iron Man costume and watched from the porch as the firemen took care of business, while his mother explained that firefighters were "big, grown-up superheroes" who needed to do their job without being disrupted.

Once the job was done, the firefighters let Isaiah – still dressed as Iron Man – sit inside the fire truck and even let him help them put the fire hose back on the truck.

The adventure has gotten Isaiah even more excited about superheroes and firefighters as he has not taken the costume off for days and now – according to his mom – "really thinks he’s a superhero."

Teen Offers To Work For Donuts .... Gets MUCH More..


A chance encounter in a supermarket parking lot has spawned a new friendship and a new life for a struggling 16-year-old Memphis boy.

Chauncey Jones Black lives in an apartment with his 61-year-old grandmother who is disabled and can't work. They get by on nothing more than bread and condiments. They don't even have beds. But Chauncey is doing everything he can to help his situation by doing all sorts of odd jobs.

Recently, Chauncey was hanging out in a grocery story parking lot offering to carry shoppers' bags in exchange for donuts for him and his grandmother. He had no takers until 30-year-old Matt White, a local singer-songwriter, took him up on his offer. He says, "I could just tell that he was a good, sweet kid. He said, 'If you'll help me buy some doughnuts, I'll carry your groceries to your car.' And I thought, 'I can do better than that.'"

Matt took Chauncey into the store and bought him bags of groceries. He then gave the teen a lift back to his apartment and helped him carry the bags inside. Matt says, "I'm not wealthy, but I live a comfortable life. I saw how he was living and it touched my heart."

But Matt's generosity didn't end there. He shared the story on Facebook and asked for donations to buy Chauncey a lawn mower so that he could earn some cash over the summer before going back to school in the fall. The post went viral and a GoFundMe page which he set up has raised more than $325,000 in donations for Chauncey and his grandmother. Chauncey says of Matt, "He's the nicest person I've ever met. Nobody ever cared more than he did."

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Wanna get more matches on Tinder?? Here's how...


A sociologist has come forward with some great advice – based on real science and stuff – that’s supposed to help you get more matches on Tinder:

  1. Don’t wear a hat – it covers up your face
  2. Don’t wear sunglasses – they cover up your eyes.
  3. Even if you wear regular glasses, you should take them off for your profile picture.
  4. Don’t wear neutral colors. Wearing something bright to stand out. Also, wear something formal in at least one of your profile pictures. Like a tux?
  5. People tend to respond to pictures with animals or traveling shots.
  6. Most importantly, always smile. People who smile are considered to be kind and approachable.


THE BAND PERRY: Threat Cancels Concert 

The Band Perry cancelled Sunday night's show in Delaware over security concerns after two men made violent threats against the venue.

Authorities say that Dzmitry Papou and another unidentified male walked into the Americana Bayside Welcome Center and made threats to an employee at the front desk. A call to police prompted heightened security at the venue and The Band Perry ultimately decided to cancel its concert for later that night. The band was at the venue at the time of the threat and later announced the cancellation about 15 minutes before the concert was to begin.

The band released a statement saying, "While we are sad we don't get to see you tonight, we love you and consider your well-being and security our top priority." The show has been rescheduled for August 17th. Police are asking the public for help in identifying the two men seen in surveillance footage.

CHRIS STAPLETON: Spends His Fourth With the Troops

Chris Stapleton spent his Independence Day with those who help keep our nation safe.

He headlined a Fourth of July concert for 40,000 service members and their families at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The celebration also featured sets by Cheap Trick and Natalie Stovall and the Drive and raised money for charity.

KEITH URBAN: Finds a New Fan-Guitarist 

It’s not very often that you see Keith Urban singing without a guitar in his hands or playing lead on his RipCord tour, but the Aussie made an exception this weekend.

While playing the first of two sold-out shows in New Hampshire on Saturday night, Keith spotted two signs in the crowd in front of him. One sign, held up by a young woman, read, "It’s my boyfriend’s birthday!” It had an arrow pointing to the other sign, held up by a young man, saying, “Can I play your guitar?” Keith brought the young man, named Rob, up on stage to test out his skills, handing over his vintage Fender guitar.

Before someone could bring the country star another guitar, the birthday boy broke into Keith’s “Good Thing,” and the crowd went wild. Keith’s band members were side-stage at the time because their leading man was set to play an acoustic song during that part of the show, so they scrambled on stage to join in the jam session. The result was an incredible impromptu performance, with a fan playing lead the entire time -- and absolutely killing it. 

KENNY CHESNEY: 37 Hospitalized, 7 Arrested

Although 37 people were hospitalized and seven arrested at Kenny Chesney's Saturday show at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, city officials say they're "very pleased" with the way things went.

None of the casualties appeared to be serious -- nearly all were for dehydration or too much drinking. The arrests were all for minor booze-related issues; a handful of summonses were issued for marijuana possession. And despite mountains of trash left behind after the show, it had all reportedly been cleaned up by early Sunday morning.


WEIRD NEWS: Putting the Teddy to the Metal

A motorist in Oregon tried a "bearly" legal maneuver to subvert the state's carpool lane, but got busted when an eagle eyed trooper noticed that her front seat passenger was actually a giant stuffed teddy bear.

Scarlett Zibritovsky says she wasn't really thinking about the law when she belted the bear into place, and insists she just wanted to make her car look a little cuter while she searched for a place to drop him. She says he'd been a passenger for about a month while she "looked for a little kid to give him to," but does admit that speeding up her trip did cross her mind once she was on the road.

She says, "I don't normally break the law." 

WEIRD NEWS: Grudge From the Grave
Image result for HUBERT MARTINI

A German man named Hubert Martini held a lot of grudges in his life.

After Martini died recently, at the age of 64, an obituary he wrote and submitted was published in a local newspaper. In it, he calls himself "open, honest and unforgiving" but then announces he doesn't want his five siblings or their families at his memorial service. He also wrote, "I have hurt some people -- and that's good."

WEIRD NEWS: Chuck E. Thieves

A Kentucky man who applied for a job at Chuck E. Cheese's really messed up his chances of getting the gig when he tried to rob the place.

The man, whose name has not been released, walked into the pizza joint and asked the manager for an application. He filled it out and was asked to come back later in the afternoon for an interview. During the interview, the man stated that he had a gun and demanded to get into the safe. But the manager informed him that he didn't have access to the safe and then told him to leave, which he did.

Police are now searching for him.

WEIRD NEWS: Money for Nothing

Two government workers in Spain have taken playing hooky to the ultimate level -- by not showing up to work for 15 years and still collecting paychecks.

An investigation conducted by the human resources department discovered that both workers, one a gardener and the other a driver, have been collecting checks despite having not shown up for work since 2001. Their union representative argued that the workers did nothing wrong by not working for 15 years and had an agreement with previous councilmen, who allowed them to take off "accumulated days."

One of the men has since returned to work, and both are facing disciplinary action. The investigation also discovered that members of the police union had also been playing hooky, with some of the staff working as little as 47 days in 2015.


CHRISTIE BRINKLEY: PO'd at July 4th Party

Christie Brinkley spent a portion of her Independence Day dealing with a drunk woman who celebrated her freedom by peeing on the model's Hampton's property.

Brinkley was hosting friends at her beachfront house to watch fireworks when the woman walked onto her property and popped a squat. The 62-year-old model wrote about the incident on Facebook in an amusing pun-filled post. She said, "I know it's Independence Day but that does not mean 'free to pee' in front of my guests and me at my fireworks gathering. Maybe the trespasser should celebrate 'Depends Day' as she apparently thinks she lives in 'The Land of the Pee.' I was forced to hose down her mess after she urinated in my yard all the while throwing things at me."

She then added, "My wish for everyone on this Fourth of July is… May you live in the Land of the Free from belligerent drunken stalkers with weak bladders and foul mouths. That's not too much to ask right?"

JOHNNY DEPP: Sells Two Paintings for $11 Mil
Going, going, gone: A 1981 three-paneled piece titled Self Portrait (pictured) by Jean-Michel Basquiat was expected to land $1.9 million. It was snapped up by New York gallery owner Bill Acquavella for $4.7 million

Sold: The second, another 1981 piece painted on the back of a door titled Pork (pictured), had an estimated price tag of $3-5 million. It sold to an anonymous phone bidder for $6.8 million at Christie's in London

Johnny Depp collected a cool $11 million yesterday (Wednesday) by selling off two pieces of his art collection.

The actor let go two Jean-Michel Basquiat paintings at Christie's auction house -- one for $4.7 million and another for $6.8 million. The money will pad his bank account ahead of what is likely to be a very costly divorce from Amber Heard. He bought the paintings in 1998 for substantially less than they sold for. Six other pieces from Depp's collection will be sold today. Depp had collected the artwork over the past 25 years.

TOP GEAR: Host Chris Evans Stepping Down

Chris Evans.

Another year and another Top Gear host is history.

In a tweet Monday, new host Chris Evans announced he was leaving the BBC motoring show and said he gave it his "best shot but sometimes that's not enough."

The announcement came on the same day it was confirmed that he was being investigated over allegations of a sexual assault from the 1990's. It also came a day after the international hit series fell to an all-time low in the ratings and amid rumors that co-host Matt LeBlanc refused to do another season if Chris was still on-board. The Friends star has denied the ultimatum.

Chris and Matt joined the show after Jeremy Clarkson was fired last year following an altercation with a producer.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON: All-Time Highest Grossing Actress

Scarlett Johansson has starred in movies that have accumulated more than three billion dollars in revenue.

That makes Scarlett the all-time highest grossing actress. Her recent roles in The Jungle Book and Captain America: Civil War pushed her ahead of Cameron Diaz (3 billion).

Scarlett is also ahead of Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence (2.3 billion) and Julia Roberts (2.7 billion) and Emma Watson (2.6 billion, primarily from Harry Potter).

However, Scarlett barely squeaks into the Top 10 of highest grossing actors. 

The first nine positions belong to a bunch of old men, including Harrison Ford (4.8 billion dollars), Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and Robert Downey Jr.