Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Little Big Town: Walk of Fame Stars...

Little Big Town will get a star on the Music City Walk of Fame on September 14th. 

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They'll be honored as a part of the Ryman Auditorium's 125th anniversary celebration. So will Tom Ryman, the riverboat captain who built the venue (which was originally a church), and Lula C. Naff, who was the auditorium's theater manager for more than 40 years.

Little Big Town is the first act to do a residency at the fabled venue.

The induction ceremony is free and will be open to the public.

Chris Young: Raised more than $300,000 for Houston

Chris Young was the first country artist to step up with a resource to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.
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Chris owns a house where the storm first hit and has family and friends who live in the area. He doesn't know what kind of damage his house has sustained, but he's way more worried about the people in danger. Fortunately, all of his friends and family are safe.

He set up a GoFundMe campaign that has already raised over $300,000.

Miranda Lambert: Boots On The Ground in Texas

Miranda Lambert and her MuttNation Foundation have boots on the ground in Texas, and are loading up pups and bringing them to safe shelters across the country. 

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She writes on Twitter, "Thanks to some amazing transportation volunteers, we sent over 70 pups to a shelter in [Oklahoma] today. Rigs now rolling into Houston for another load."

Funds are still needed to shelter and feed the rescued animals. You can donate to MuttNation Foundation on its website.


Garth Brooks might headline next year's Stagecoach Festival. 

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Sources tell Billboard that Garth will be the top draw to the festival at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, California. If true, it will be one of three performances he has on the books for 2018. The other two are opening-night and a closing-night shows at the 2018 Rodeo Houston in February.

Stagecoach takes place April 27th through April 29th. The full lineup is expected to be announced next month.

D.A. Of The Day

Shop Til' You Drop....Your Pants

A Florida man was busted after getting a little too much joy out of a joyride -- by rolling stark naked through a Walmart parking lot on a shopping cart that he was using like a scooter.
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Cops rushed to the big-box store on Saturday after receiving numerous calls from people who reported that Jacob Steiner was running around in his birthday suit, but by the time they arrived, Steiner had found a better means of transportation.

The police report described Steiner as “a very well known illegal narcotics user” and noted that the nude romp was “unfortunately a very common practice for him.” The 26-year-old, who had been warned to stay away from the store, was charged with indecent exposure, disorderly intoxication and trespassing.

Tag - YOU are busted!

A Florida man just filled his plate with trouble -- by trying to steal registration tags off a license plate...which was attached to an unmarked car filled with cops.

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The detectives were doing surveillance when Wesley Kelley pulled up behind them, pulled on a pair of gloves, then attempted to open the door to the patrol car and detach the license plate. When he noticed the men inside, he apologized, then ran to his car and sped off -- crashing a few hundred yards later, revealing that the vehicle was actually stolen.

On his way to the County Jail, he confessed to yet another offense -- knocking down a fence at a FedEx location because “he always wanted to try ramming a gate with a car to see if it would bust open like in the movies.”

Not Par For The Course...

A South Carolina couple was busted last week after trying to give a whole new meaning to "scoring a hole in one" -- by stripping down and getting busy in the middle of a country club fairway.

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Dakota Payne and Kiernan Hennessy attracted attention when a witness spotted two horizontal figures on the eighth hole -- but the guy who called 911 actually thought he was calling to get help for someone who was having a medical issue. When a patrolman arrived at the links, he walked in on the mostly nude couple seriously misusing the front nine.

The two, aged 19 and 24, both face charges of indecent exposure -- and probably merit a good caddy smack.


SEAN LOWE: Bachelor Becomes Houston Hero

Heroes are abundant this week in Houston.

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One of them, Sean Lowe, came to fame four years ago on reality TV as The Bachelor. Sean loaned a boat from a social media follower and towed it from Dallas to Houston. He’s spent the week making rescue runs through flooded neighborhoods.

He posted to Instagram, (quote) “My heart broke for all the elderly, who are immobile. The mothers trapped in their homes with young babies. But I was encouraged by the selflessness of so many Texans.”

Sean detailed a traumatic experience where a rescue ended badly. He told Entertainment Tonight how he gave first aid to a heart attack victim. (quote) “We pulled him from a canoe. It took three of us giving CPR for about 15 to 20 minutes before we could get him to an ambulance. His heart was not beating. His face was as blue as blue gets. It really shook me up.”


Showtime faces a class action lawsuit from people who watched the digital stream of the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor pay-per-view fight.


Fans paid 100 dollars for the stream, but then complained of grainy video, errors and continuous buffering. That might be bearable for a baseball game, but not a boxing match.

Zack Bartel is leading the legal fight. He accused Showtime of “intentionally misrepresenting the quality of video and knowingly failing to disclose that its system was defective.” In return, he asking that each person participating in the class action gets 200 dollars in damages, or twice what they paid for the fight itself. A full refund and another 100 dollars for the "emotional trauma" of missing the fight.