Wednesday, August 8, 2018

D.A. Of The Day - August 8th

Only in Florida...

Donald Gibson
A Florida man gave new meaning to the term "fanny pack" -- by packing his fanny with an outrageous amount of weed and hitting the open road.
Donald Gibson was detained by deputies after one of them saw him walking down a Fort Pierce street with a suspicious pink plastic bag handle protruding from one leg of his shorts. When the officers did an initial search of the 20-year-old, they found two baggies filled with weed in his pants and asked if he had anything else to declare, which he denied.
At the precinct, another officer noticed an "odd" bulge in his buttocks. According to the police report, “When the deputy began to pull on the bottom of where he felt the bulge, he noticed tissue. He pulled on the tissue and multiple pink baggies began to drop from Donald’s rear area.”
In all, 21 bags of pot were removed from Gibson's butt, enough to merit felony charges.

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