Thursday, November 8, 2018

D.A. OF THE DAY - 11/8

  • WEIRD NEWS: Snack Attack!

    A Wyoming man nuked his long-term romance -- by nuking a Hot Pocket and burning his girlfriend by flinging it at her.
    Levi Lucero was hanging out with his girlfriend of six years when he asked her to go into the kitchen to make him the quick-fix snack. The victim says that he began saying "mean things" to her after she handed him the super-heated pocket and asked him to give back her cell phone.
    Lucero says the woman attacked him first, leading him to defend himself with the microwaved meal, which hit her in the neck and head, leaving what cops called "Hot Pocket shrapnel" everywhere. He was arrested after some questioning at the scene. (KTWO)
  • WEIRD NEWS: Talk About High Octane Fuel!

    These days most people fill their tanks with unleaded, but a Canadian woman was busted last month for carrying extra lead -- in the form of two dozen guns she'd hidden inside a specially modified gas tank
    The woman, whose name was not released, was stopped for a routine customs inspection on Halloween night, and officials found the handguns, each wrapped in plastic, in the gas tank of a rental Nissan Rogue. The tank had been separated into two separate halves, one carrying gas, the other the weapons.
    The handguns were legally purchased in Florida and Georgia for between $300 and $500, and then smuggled across the border, where they could be sold on the black market for between $2000 and $5000. (Toronto Star)
  • WEIRD NEWS: Flying the Foul Skies

    A flight in Indonesia had to be delayed when passengers complained about a foul stench wafting through the cabin.
    The source of the pungent odor was a two-ton shipment of a fruit called durian. The large, thorn-covered fruit is known for its very strong smell. The smell was so bad that passengers refused to fly on the plane, causing a delay. Airline workers eventually removed some of the packages of fruit from the plane and the flight departed. (The Jakarta Post
  • WEIRD NEWS: Pull the Handle for Crazy 

    Crazy Voter Mug Shot.jpg
    A Pennsylvania man who went crazy after being told he couldn't vote because he hadn't registered was arrested and provided one of the greatest mug shots of 2018.
    Christopher Queen, 48, walked into his polling station and attempted to cast a ballot. But he was informed that he wasn't in the voter log because he had never registered to vote. Queen then snapped and threatened to return with a gun and "shoot up" the place.
    He then walked out and but was apprehended a short while later and arrested. Cops booked him on charges of disorderly conduct and making terroristic threats.
    And if he wants to use an insanity defense, prosecutors need not look any further than his mug shot. (The Smoking Gun)

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