Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The HOTLIST - Wednesday, May 25th

Bill Cosby: Facing 10 Years In Prison..

Bill Cosby
will finally stand trial on sexual assault charges.

A Pennsylvania judge made the decision on Tuesday in a hearing. Afterwards, his attorney Brian McMonagal released a statement, saying, “Mr. Cosby is not guilty of any crime and not one single fact presented by the Commonwealth rebuts this truth. Though the Court decided the government reached the low threshold required for today’s preliminary hearing, we have no doubt this case ultimately will be resolved in Mr. Cosby’s favor."

The comedian faces three counts of felony indecent assault and 10 years in prison if convicted. He's accused of drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004.

Though dozens of woman have accused the star of sexual assault, this will be the first time he has gone to trial.

The news comes on the heels of revelations that Cosby once admitted in a deposition to having sex with teenage girls.

Paris Jackson: Honors Dad With New Tattoo

Paris Jackson has honored her late father by getting a tattoo of his Dangerous album cover.

The 18-year-old showed off her new ink on Instagram and wrote, "Never forget your roots, and always be proud of where you came from." The tat is on her forearm.

She also shared a quote from Michael's 1992 book Dancing the Dream: “The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.”

This is Paris's second tattoo honoring the King of Pop. In April she had the words “Queen of My Heart” inked across her wrist in her dad’s handwriting.

Ozzy Osbourne: Mistress Inspired By Stalker Flick?

There are fresh allegations in the Ozzy Osbourne cheating scandal.

His mistress has a greater interest in Sharon Osbourne than Ozzy. A close family friend told the New York Post about the motives of Michelle Pugh. (quote) “She wants to be Sharon.”

Sounds as if Michelle was tragically inspired by the 1990s erotic thriller Single White Female.

Yesterday, Sharon Osbourne simply laughed off criticism that her daughter Kelly Osbourne tweeted Michelle’s private number. Kelly added the dig at Michelle that she’s your gal for “cheap chunky LOW-lights, a blow out, and a blowj**.”

The aftermath has been traumatizing for Ozzy, who’s been "ghosted." Michelle Pugh cannot go near him and Sharon won’t talk to him.

Dave Mirra: Suffered From CTE Before Suicide

An examination of Dave Mirra's brain has concluded that the BMX legend suffered from CTE, a neuro-degenerative brain disease brought on by repeated head injuries.

Mirra's family donated his brain following his death from a self-inflicted gunshot wound back in February. CTE has been linked to depression and dementia and is more commonly seen in pro football players. Mirra is the first-known extreme sports star to be diagnosed with it.

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