Tuesday, January 30, 2018

D.A. Of The Day - 1.30

WEIRD NEWS: Tat's All, Folks!

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A meat-hating woman in England went bananas when trying to show the world her dietary choice -- by tattooing the word "vegan" on her forehead.

Kate Bullen, who lives in the industrial town of Preston, wanted to spread the word that it's easy eating green, so she had the word inked just above her right eyebrow -- to remind her that she never wanted to go back to munching on her fellow mammals. She says she's gotten a lot of negative feedback over the decision, some from family members who say they're worried she might be harming her chances of getting a job-- although she's been "self-employed" since her late teens.

Her tattoo artist admits she was initially skeptical about doing the inking, but says that Kate "didn't try to convert" her to eating vegan, so she relented and is glad she did.

WEIRD NEWS: Smothered, Covered, Hot and Bothered
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There's apparently one condiment you won't find at a Waffle House restaurant, and thanks to an insane Georgia man, we now know what it is.

43-year-old Willie Edward Drake sat down at the counter of a Waffle House in Macon, Georgia and asked for some barbecue sauce with his meal. An employee informed him that they don't keep barbecue sauce in stock and Drake didn't take the news very well. He completely lost his mind and started yelling obscenities at the staff. At one point hollered, "I’ll go to [effing] jail over some barbecue sauce!" Well, it turns out he was serious.

Employees feared for their safety and called 911. When police arrived, they found Drake being "uncooperative and disorderly." He was arrested for disorderly conduct.