Wednesday, January 31, 2018

D.A. OF THE DAY 1.31

WEIRD NEWS: Peacocks Can't Fly

A New York woman's attempt to bring her emotional support animal on a cross-country flight didn't quite fly with United Airlines.

The woman, a performance artist who goes by the name Ventiko, tried to board the Newark-to-Los Angeles flight with her emotional support peacock named Dexter. United Airlines says it warned the woman three times that the peacock wouldn't be allowed to board the plane, but she ignored them and came to the airport with the colorful bird perched on her shoulder. She was finally turned away and now Ventiko says Dexter is being driven to California.

WEIRD NEWS: Pizza D'oh!
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A Washington man who didn't have enough dough for a pizza delivery tried to rob the driver, but ended up getting boxed in by a quick-thinking cop who found he'd ordered the same pie from the same cell phone just four days earlier.

A guy who identified himself as "David Adams" rang a Pizza Hut and placed a large order worth more than 80 bucks, but when the driver arrived at his apartment complex, he said he'd meet her in the parking lot, which he did -- pulling out a gun and demanding she hand over the food and the cash she was carrying.

The driver called 911 and reached a dispatcher who thought outside the box and checked with the eatery to see if anyone had used the suspect's phone to order pizza in the past -- finding that he'd done that just four days earlier. Cops were dispatched to his apartment, where they found a group of people smoking weed and eating a few pies, which they insisted had been there long before they showed up for the party.

WEIRD NEWS: Plumbers Crack on Crappy Flight
Vacationers traveling on a flight from Norway to Germany saw their plans go down the tubes due to broken toilets -- even though the plane was packed with nearly 100 plumbers!

The Norwegian Air flight made it almost halfway to Munich, but couldn't go on due to the crappy plumbing. Airline rep Frank Olsen says his staff were unable to intervene and correct the mid-flight problem because it could only be fixed by someone working from the outside. He adds, "There was a good atmosphere in the plane, what with the irony about the broken toilets."

Pilots were able to take off several hours after the emergency landing, so you could say the second time was the Charmin!

WEIRD NEWS: Highway to Hell

You might say that Arizona is hot as hell, but if you're driving along a particular stretch of Interstate 10, you might think you actually are in hell.

A two-mile portion of the highway between Phoenix and Tucson has been adopted by the Satanic Temple of Arizona. So if you happen to be driving on I-10, you might actually see some Satanists with pitchforks cleaning up trash on the side of the road. Members of the temple say they wanted to do something good for their community, so they contacted the Arizona Department of Transportation and asked to adopt a segment of the highway. They paid the fee and now have their own sign on the side of the road.

A founding member of the temple says, "What we are really showing here is that Satanism is a legitimate religion, even though it’s non-theistic. We are showing the people do have a sense of community and they want to get involved."

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